Saturday, May 19, 2007

Autopsy on a female soul

It was quite clear from the beginning,
it was just a physical matter.
That's what he said
"It's just sex"
It's not his fault
if you have feelings.
He's not supposed to see what's inside you.
So leave,
go away before you fall.
Go away, run, leave,
or you'll be sorry after.
Don't take any risk and
run before he leaves.
Loneliness is something you know,
don't you?
So leave, go away, run.
Let's run away together love.
Let's leave them.
Let's just go, let us go
It's midnight already.
Cindirella's waiting.
She lost her shoe. No one's getting it. No one will find it anymore.
You'll wait forever Cindirella,
for a shoe that will never come.
It's five past midnight,
Cindirella isn't waiting anymore.


Erinc Salor said...

Nobody ever tells the other side of the story. As if the prince has already been living happily ever before and just stumbled upon Cindirella.
Sometimes prince's need to 'become' too
They too, make awful mistakes in that vain.
and suffer, for generally, integrity has a high price.
Prince's need to travel far and be brave to be able answer a simple request,
"draw me a cat."
the real challenge is, finding that perfect one...

Ayse Erin said...

Princess or not... I've found mine, and I might say he draws cats beautifully...