Monday, June 25, 2007

Look 10 Years Younger!

I was walking in the street, coming back home from a quiet end- of- the- season- working- day at BOZAR, and I saw a magazine in the window of a bookshop with a "LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER" printed in huge red-pinkish letters on the naked shoulder of a beautifully photoshop-ed creature. I couldn't help but think, why? Why should I look 10 years younger? Because I'm only 28, well yes, that's one point, but even if I were 38, or 48 or 58.... can anyone give me just one reason why one should LOOK whatever years, months, even seconds younger? Trying hard, I could see one good though... if looking younger can make you get all those years back and do whatever you wanted to do but couldn't, or correct any mistake or whatever... then maybe, there could be a point. Still, I did a lot of mistakes between 18 and 28, but I wouldn't change one bit of my life, because what I am today is because of what I did during the years that preceded my present age. And to the editors of these cheaply repetitive women's magazines, I would like to suggest searching for new topics, because one thing I'm sure of, is that for the last 10 years, I haven't read any other headline than "Look 10 Years Younger" or "Weight 10 Pounds less" and their billion of paraphrased versions. So, glossy piece of paper, you can go on trying to put some more imperatives on your cover for a few more decades, but you will always fail with me, because the older I'm gonna get, the less I would want to read how I can look younger. And yes, aging means dying in a way, but looking younger is not going to stop the process, but being ashamed of one's age, therefore of one's self, will certainly not help living one's own decades.


maarten said...


Erinc Salor said...

I just wanted to repeat what I've said to you earlier concerning the issue:
"-Cosmetics that aim to better what you are and protect it is OK.
-Cosmetics that aim to make you look like something you aren't, is not."

I am aware that there is a very thin line in between but it's one of those that one can tell, I think.

Bijan said...

I am currently in a place where the opposite - voluptuous women - are considered to be most attractive (East Africa), funny enough while (or maybe because) most girls aren't simply because many of them are extremely poor.

So i do agree with you point.

I recently read somewhere that, generally, in history, the public image of women usually represents the opposite of what most of them actually are.

Anonymous said...

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