Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stay switched on

Since the last 3 years, I have been living without a television. My parents both have TVs home and I used to live with its sound when I was sharing their house. I must say that I even enjoyed watching it a lot... all the series, cultural programmes, news broadcast, documentaries, movies... But let's face it, most of what's on TV is... JUNK. And now that I am spending the week in a TV friendly environment, I just feel I get more headaches. Only the sound of it is disturbing me. I feel like my head is full of unnecessary noises, no matter what they are. Music, commercials, series... I don't need the television to know about what's happening in the world or to watch a good movie. Here I have experienced once again how happy I am not to have a television. It's a personal choice, one that gives me more space to read, write, enjoy the company of my lover, converse, go out, meet people, discover the world. I'm glad I can do it all without having a TV. I intend to keep it that way. And I don't feel I know less about the world. I'm always switched on so I can better see what's around me and far beyond.

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Bijan said...

I dumped my TV for good when I entered university and that is a long time ago. I did it partly because I have difficulties keeping away from it when I have one but mostly because I outright hated it. 90% seriously is junk.

However, interestingly, what I hate even more and dumped even a lot sooner than the TV is radio, a hateful relationship almost nobody seems to be able to share. 99% of standard radio is auditive pollution to me and the rest that is certainly good in content, is usually not meeting my (diverse) taste and too much focused on always the same. I seriously sometimes think that I cannot physically stand having the radio on in my vicinity.

Today, I have neither and I am a very happy camper. :-)