Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sex and the City: too many unfair reviews for a very much enjoyable movie

Like most of the series lovers, I've been waiting for "Sex and the City: the Movie" for quite some time. There's been the whole talk about it, then the shooting gossips and finally the reviews. Too many people, including cinema critics I like to read in different newspapers from different countries, almost made me want not to spend 10 euros to go and see the movie in a cinema and wait for it until it gets out on DVD- which by the way shows I still wanted to see it. Then I heard some of my very good friends talking about it in a much better way than the so-called professionals. So I thought, I liked the series and even my boyfriend wanted to see it! So we jumped on our bikes at 8.10pm to get to the 8.30pm show. 2 hours later I can tell you... we had a great time! The four NYC gals were there making me laugh and happy. They were all good, faithful to themselves and not boring at all. I enjoyed watching them, and when I got out of the cinema I just thought of the different reviews I read and they all made nonsense to me -not to say crap. Well, I will sound cliché but it's much better to listen to your friends' advice, at least when it comes to "Sex and the City". It may also be because I absolutely love the series (I got the Shoe Box edition!!). If you still hesitate to go and see the movie, just go. Even if you're not as enthusiastic as I was, you will still spend a nice time with four fabulous girls and a magnificent city! So don't bother waiting for what's not there and just enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker comes first on the "female role models" list for many women - and has at the same time traditionally been among the first on the "most un-sexiest women on earth" list for many men? Picked that up accidentally recently. Found it quite telling.

Ayse Erin said...

Haha, true! Erinç feels the same way. And it's all about what she's wearing anyway :-)