Monday, October 1, 2007

White Chalk

Soft and powerful, beautifully meaningful and realistically dreaming, PJ Harvey's last album "White Chalk" is just stunning. It only lasts half an hour, but what an half! One note, just one sound coming out of her throat, her guts or her piano makes my whole body tremble. So different from what she did previously as an artist and still, so PJ Harvey. Words are quite unnecessary here, so I urge all of you to buy this mind blowing album, and loose yourself in it, starting with "Dear Darkness".

Going on tour?
Dear Polly Jean, dear Polly Jean... when are you coming to Belgium?
This is a less poetical information, PJ Harvey has not announced any tour dates in Europe yet, just one in Paris in November, and the seats are extremely expensive (especially if you need to get a Thalys ticket + one night at the hotel in addition!). Anywhere in Belgium would be fine (or anywhere 2-3hours ride away from Brussels will do too!). We're patiently waiting...

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Erinc Salor said...

She's one of many artists that I was sort of afraid to stray to but had a chance to discover thanks to a kind hand offering it me. and I can't possibly be more grateful for all of them. but we're talking about PJ for now; so the new album then; It's really mesmerizing and powerful. I'm quite certain that we sure will be doing our best to catch her live, if only she does her part and come to the old continent!

Until then, we will be enjoying her on our own, which is much more than good enough for this recently lost-his-loneliness soul. :)