Thursday, October 29, 2009

Storybird: Create your Digital Stories

Thanks to the Free Technology for Teachers blog, I have discovered a great collaborative storytelling website called Storybird.

Storybird allows anyone to create picture book stories using existing templates. You can chose from a very wide variety of art works. This is of course a perfect tool to work with children but even for adults. I very much enjoyed writing my little story, Home (see below), and I intend to write some more. Mainly to exercise myself, as I'm seriously considering working with an illustrator/artist when I will have a clearer idea of what I'd like to write for this kind of medium. However, I am not ready yet for such an adventure so I will start with these "storybirds," because that will be one way of learning, but also sharing. So I would urge you to try it out, alone or with your kid, and if you don't have children -like me- get the one living inside of you. Enjoy!


m rifat said...

canancım hikaye ve ilustrayonlar çok güzel olmuş, çok eğlendim. Ellerine sağlık. Sayfada çok tatlıymış, favorilerime attım, teşekkürler paylaştığın için.

Ayse Erin said...

Sagol Rifatcim!