Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese Classics

Monkeys trying to catch the moon, monks rescuing a temple on the top of a mountain, a single guy putting on a new door bell and experiencing its uselessness.... These are just a few themes of the Animated Chinese Classics I've been to see at the Anima 2007 film festival . Not a single word have come out of the characters' mouth, and the whole mise en scène was orchestrated by music, sometimes with good, sometimes with quite pitiful and sometimes with beautiful drawings. Especially the last short film which looked like living paintings... well, animated ink paintings. The naiveté of the drawings are not really made for today's impossible-to-satisfy-children, or PSP/Wii-generation if you prefer, but rather for dreamers like myself, adults or kids. It was indeed two exquisite, and funny hours, that made my child-soul go free, once again.

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Erinc Salor said...

I came to reckon by personal experience that the ability to freely enjoy one's child-soul is independent from the age. It is mostly a product of freedom and trust, to base that freedom on to. So, I can confess, based on the same trust, that I have untapped my ability to enjoy my child-soul, ergo the classic Chinese animations, thanks to a magical creature, who I can only call, based on child-like imaginations, a princess.

And still being able to say:
The best is yet to come.. ;)