Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grey sky and precious things

Brussels under a grey sky... that isn't something new. But having pinky pink thoughts and seeing through blue glasses, under a grey sky... that is quite amazing I must say. Add to this that our dear Tori will come near our grey Brussels to enchant our ears (and eyes... yes Tori, I think you are beautiful!) very soon... Then grey becomes the most precious thing.
What about Stacey's sweet voice making me dance with my beloved on a Wednesday morning on "It's too darn hot" ... Then you get a lot of red!
Hear you soon hot and precious ladies! Under a grey or any other sky...

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Erinc Salor said...

'They could have done better' has always been my thoughts regarding those two of my favorite female vocals. For years now, they wandered around, sometimes perching on trees not worth of them, always singing so beautifully but never becoming themselves. Aristotle would say, they have reached their 'telos' here, in your sparkling eyes. They have become a fitting part of the perfectly welded together mosaic that we weave together, in the cold winters and too darn hot summers of Brussels. Like me, indeed, they have found their homes in this city.