Monday, February 12, 2007

The First Time

They say the first time is the most important of all, especially for a girl. Honestly, I don't even remember how mine was, and believe me, I am a sensitive girl. I guess I can be happy to remember with whom it was at least... First time on a blog, I should remember this one. Everything I'm going to post here is supposed to stay, as long as I don't decide to delete it. Well, deleting memories is quite the same isn't it? You only keep what you feel is "necessary", not to say vital. Let's see how it feels like to share it now.

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Erinc Salor said...

I have once heard a story about the Albatross. The great sea bird whose wingspan is close to 4 meters. It has been said that when the nourishing period of a baby is finished, the baby would run on and jump off the high cliff of its home and like that, start to fly. For the first time, opening its large wings to the winds of the ocean. And with that, he leaves the island and flies away, only to return there five years later to find his mate, whom he then meets every year. It is said that the pairings of the Albatross are life-long and if one of the mates happen to die, the other won't ever pair-up again.

I wish you high and strong winds to carry you all around the globe. And every time you return to your island, you will never be alone, for the pairings of the albatross are life-long.